Togetherness, You and Me in 2016


So we decided that the best way for us to begin our new chapter, new year and our new blog is with breakfast in bed. What better way to start anything?

Getting quality ingredients without paying a premium price can be difficult in Bangkok so we like to go to a decent supermarket called “Villa Market“. The Villa Market is well known for its various selection of imported goods such as berries, cheeses, Oscar Myer meats and its reasonable prices, compared to other supermarkets, especially supermarkets in some big high end  shopping malls.

Everybody likes to start the year on a healthy note, and we are no exception. In our cases we went greek yoghurt (just the low-fat, not the no-fat version), blueberries, cape gooseberry or physalis (I always call it “Syphilis” very random!) and some honey for sweetness.

The greek yoghurt is a great source of protein to help with out gym goals (#6pack2016!!) and the berries are great for getting all the healthy vitamins and minerals you need. Although the honey might just seem like it is there for sweetness honey is actually a great health food and has been shown to help prevent a range of diseases as well as boosting the immune system and helping athletic performance.

We washed this down with a shot of espresso topped with a splash of cold milk. Unless you are in the Nespresso club getting a quality “pod” type coffee can be tricky, so our top tip is to head to the Illy concession on the 5th floor of Siam Paragon. It is a really weird location to find coffee pods unless you know what you are looking for, but well worth the track. They also have a great promotion where if you buy 5 tins you will get one free – great for total caffeine addicts.

It is also worth signing up for the “M Card” which lets you collect points and earn special discounts across all Mall Group locations such as Siam ParagonEmporiumEmQuartier.

Morning Coffee from the balcony

So there is it is – our first post! Tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you to help us improve and get better. We are off to enjoy a well earned coffee.




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