How The Magic Panda Works

Pandas are not known for their dedicated work ethic and apparently spend most of their time eating, and sleeping.

Although this could be said to apply to us, for this blog we will try and inject some German style dedication and efficiency.

For each of the things we eat, beverages (alcoholic or otherwise) we drink, activities we try, shiny objects we buy and beds we sleep in , we will award a (soon to be highly sought after) Magic Panda Bamboo rating.

We have not really worked out the categories yet, but the basics will include: Quality, Service, Value for Money,Likelihood we would do it again.

For each of the categories we will give a bamboo (what else) rating from 0 Bamboos (do not even contemplate it, even if you are a serious masochist) to 5 Bamboos (throw on your Hermès loafers and get there immediately).

We will try and tag and categorise all of our posts and ratings so they are easily searchable and will hopefully build into your indispensable guide to the best that Bangkok has to offer.


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